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Re: Alternative to fleece

In a message dated 96-09-23 11:05:17 EDT, you write:

<< The one piece of gear that I never got and have always regretted is the
 Marmot Primaloft Sweater. >>

I have a primaloft jacket which can be zipped into LLBeans goretex parka.
 They are unbeatable for winter conditions.  I also have Beans fleece
pullover, which I use year round.  I don't think I could trade off the
primaloft for the fleece in the warmer months.  The primaloft is like a down
jacket, for one thing, and though it would be easy to carry as it stuffs into
its own pocket, it wouldn't be suitable for spring through fall.  I carry my
fleece pullover behind the compression straps of my external frame pack, and
it's right there when I stop for more than a couple of minutes, or the 1st
thing I reach for when arriving at camp.  At higher elevations it's great
even in summer.

Marty Manzano