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lighten up - alternative to fleece?

I have been sort of following the pack weight thread and saw the 
suggestion about replacing the fleece with a down sweater from Feathered 
Friends.  Of course, I'm sure that people have thought of the concerns 
related to down.

The one piece of gear that I never got and have always regretted is the
Marmot Primaloft Sweater.  Primaloft is, in my mind, the best synthetic
insulation out there (some sleeping bags have it).  It is almost as
compressable as down, similar in warmth, and is virtually waterproof on
its own (when the Caribou rep came through to show us their sleeping bags,
he demonstrated by wrapping his hand in layers of Primaloft and holding it
in a bucket of water for a few minutes, when he took it out the outer
layer was slightly dampfrom contact, but none of the water had gotten 
through to the inner layers, much less his hand). 

In comparison with fleece, the Marmot sweater is *much* more 
comprerssible, warmer, windproof, and probably lighter.  I think LL Bean 
might have a similar thing too.  It is about $120 (pricey, but actually 
about the same as a fleece with the Gore Windstopper liner).  Also there 
is a Primaloft, and a Primaloft II (won't absorb water, but will let it 
pass through, and not quite as compresible, but cheaper.
It is first on my list of things to get when I get money.

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