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Re: [AT-L] Re: [AT-L] Pre hike training

Hello Everyone,

> I was wondering if any of the thru-hikers on the list did any of this
> type of training prior to their thru-hikes? Do you recommend it?

I pre hike trained last winter and it helped.  I wanted to train  for
two reasons.  First I needed to lose some weight.  I had thyroid cancer
and before the drug replacement took affect I had gained many pounds. 
Secondly my hemophilia is worst when I'm not in good tone.  Soft tissue
and muscle bruising are my biggest problems on the trail.  Training cuts
down the strains on the muscles and for me the inter muscle bleeds.  I
looked for a small and not crowded place to work out.  I found they were
cheaper.  The owner also let me use the stair master and tread mill with
my pack on.  I weight trained my legs and back mostly.  The one area I did
the least was my shoulders and that is where I bled the most this
year.  The end result was I was stronger than last year and the hiking 
more enjoyable on the first few trips.  I will be going back to the gym 

Beau Bushor N1MJD
"the bleeder guy"
Burlington, Vermont