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Re: [AT-L] Scouting ?!

Being a long time Cub Scout leader and Life Scout, I have taught that camping
trips, whether to sanctioned campgrounds, or just finding the perfect
campsite in the middle of nowhere, the rules of camping and leave no trace
apply all the time.

Now, building a campfire is a tradition that both Girl & Boy Scouts are
required to learn. Making sure that you choose a site that is far off the
trail, and not next to a water source. Clearing an area suitable for a fire
ring is required. A fire ring is built out rocks layed out in a circle. Then
clear an area outside the ring for safety. 

Firewood should only be downed or dead branches. So while your building a
fire ring, have the scouts go looking for wood. Good leaders teach scouts
what to look for and retrieve. 

But.....as a note concerning survival. Sometimes emergency situations occur,
when, as the rules still apply, you have to use the wood source available. I
would choose saving the life of a human over a tree. ONLY when deemed

I'm organizing our scout pack's participation in the Fall Webelos Woods, the
first weekend in October. Because this scout reservation is known for not
having a great supply dead or downed trees, I encourage parents to bring some
firewood with them. Gotta have that fire at night to make smores and tell
stories. That's my two cents worth.  Replies are welcome.