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Re: [AT-L] AT-L digest 42

On Sat, 21 Sep 1996, paul hamburg m.d. wrote:
> soliciting any info on the relationship between packs and pinched nerves. I
> can't find anyone who knows about this problem. I carried my pack with no

> back problems for 500 miles, but then it suddenly began to put pressure on
> a nerve in my lower back. Now the pack constantly irritates that area, even
> after much time off, and a new pack. Any suggestions? I'm hoping to get out
> of here and back where I belong. Thanks,

Out of curiosity, what kind of packs are we taking about here (brand and 
model)?  If these are internal frame, have you thought about trying an 
external?  They tend to ride differently (higher, for one) and there is 
less contact with the body (as opposed to internals which press against 
your back) and often the parts that do touch are flexible mesh, which 
might be easier.  EMS I think rents external frames, you might try taking 
one out for a spin.

Good luck, I hope you get back on the trail soon!


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