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Re: [AT-L] AT-L digest 42

Hello all,
well, I'm back yet again. I'm in the middle of a southbound hike and had to
get off for a week once before due to knee problems. Now I have managed to
tweak my ciatic nerve, and am resting at home again. My partner is going
solo for awhile, which is VERY depressing for both of us. Anyway, once more
I'm happy to answer questions about southbounding/knee problems. I noticed
that both have been topics of conversation. My knee problems went away with
a combination of time off, motrin, knee braces, and Leki poles. Also- I'm
soliciting any info on the relationship between packs and pinched nerves. I
can't find anyone who knows about this problem. I carried my pack with no
back problems for 500 miles, but then it suddenly began to put pressure on
a nerve in my lower back. Now the pack constantly irritates that area, even
after much time off, and a new pack. Any suggestions? I'm hoping to get out
of here and back where I belong. Thanks,

Sarah (Hamburglar)
P.S. my dad's name appears on the bottom of the message, but this posting
is really from me.