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Re: [AT-L] Re: [AT-L] patches

>What a crock of shit!  No person needs ribbons or patches to tell where they
>have been, where they are going, etc. etc.  
>Who do you need them for?  You do know who you are, don't you? 
>Sometimes at places that I would as soon forget, I see people with patches,
>people with signs, people with letters.  What their insignia signifies, what
>their signs conotate, how their letters speak to a problem, I don't care.

Ummm, sounds like a personal problem to me.  If you don't want one, you
don't have to buy one!!  BTW - the point was so that people who *want* to
meet some of the other *nice* people on the list would have a way to find
each other.  Myself, I think it was nice of Needles to take this upon
himself and spend his own personal time on it, so in other words, he didn't
need that particular "crock of shit" from you.

Have a nice day :)