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Re: [AT-L] Re: [AT-L] Help me pack for my first longish solo trip

At 01:07 AM 9/20/96 -0500, you wrote:
>Here is a revised pack list (I left out the items I'm not taking since that
>confused things last time).  I did manage to shave a few pounds off...
>unfortunately I discovered that I left my stove, cooking pot, and fuel off
>of the packing list :-(.  Anyway, aside from my first aid kit (which is too
>big), this list looks pretty good to me.  Unfortunately, the pack weight is
>still 62lbs 6oz.  Now, granted this is with 20lbs of food.... but with only
>5 lbs of food the pack would still weigh about 47lbs.
>If I wanted to get my pack down from  47lbs to 40lbs for a weekend trip,
>what kinds of things could I do?  Where would the seven pounds come from?
>Or is this about as light as I can expect to get carrying everything myself?
>By the way, I am 6'2" tall and weight about 195 lbs.  This tends to drive
>item weights up as my clothes are bigger (large tall tops, large bottoms)
>and many small tents are too short.

I hate to tell you this but I think you are going to learn the hard way. I
wouldn't consider going with 62 lbs. 45 is about max for me. Forget the
binoculars and cut down on the clothes. 50' of cord is overkill. I don't
even carry a flashlight. Maybe you should get the freeze dried food and cut
down there if you really feel you need all that gear. I did the 100
wilderness with 10 days supplies and didn't have over 50 lbs. Maybe you
don't even need the tent. I just came back from southern Va and didn't share
a shelter with a single person in 86 miles. Please post a trip report when
you get back. I'd love to see how you make out.