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Re: [AT-L] Cross Training/weight training

>I was wondering if any of the thru-hikers on the list did any of this type 
>of training prior to their thru-hikes? Do you recommend it? 
>Peter H. Fornof
I always work out on a regular basis, running and powerlifting, and feel
like being in excellent physical condition helped me keep a more positive

After lifting, I would usually finish my workout with a 3 or 4 mile run,
actually a jog.  On alternate days I played raquetball for at least 2 hours.
In addition, I used a rowing machine and lifecycle.  When the weather was
too bad to run in, I used the pool at the gym and ran in place using a
buoyancy belt.  

I would advise future thru-hikers to stay away from the Stairmasters,
stairclimbing machines found in most gyms.  Studies have shown that severe
knee problems can develop after prolonged use.  No, I don't recall who did
the studies but I am sure that you could find it on the net.

To sum up.  I'd advise anyone contemplating a long distance hike to spend
lots of time in the gym.  I must add, though, that when I finished my
thru-hike I was in no better shape than those who had not worked out
extensively prior to beginning their hike.  It did not take me long to
regain the upper body strength that I lost on the trail, once I had finished
my hike.