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Re: [AT-L] Re: lost hiker in SNP

teach@inet.net wrote:
> >Interestingly, a few thru-hikers think that he either committed suicide
> >(what I think) or that it's a scam and that he's not even in the park
> >and he is doing it to get attention. A bit far fetched, I think. :)
> Did anyone see him go into the park?  Maybe he never got there and is a
> victum of foul play?

They found his car in a lot and left a note on the windshield. After he
didn't reemerge from the trail, they set out looking for him.

>From what I understand, he wasn't a hiker and had never even been
camping before, was depressed, and didn't really pack for any kind of
camping trip. Of course this is all second-hand information, but I think
it's still pretty accurate.

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