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Re: [AT-L] Help me pack for my first longish solo

Jim, though a few others have said the same thing, I would leave out the
following items and leave one pr of the glasses at home.  (I carry 1 pr
glasses & 1 Rx glasses; for my thru hike I'm considering getting a pr that
darkens in the sunlight).

10      y               10   long gaiters (OR Crocodiles)
 2       y               2    flare & smoke
 5       y               5    ensolite sitpad

You  won't need the flare - and you can use the thermarest if you absolutely
need a sitpad.  I don't have an excess of padding, but I find the rocks are
good to me in providing a sitting place, and Mother Earth is as comfortable
as a chair!  A lot of it is in attitude & expectations.  I've never hiked in
gaiters but may try some for the beginning of my thru hike if I can find some
that are very lightweight.  Pare down the 1st aid kit also.  If you carry
more than 45# you will be sure you will eliminate lots of things the next
time out.  A lot of things (like the 1st aid kits) are pushed as necessities
so someone can make money; take a couple of bandaids and 2 indiv. foil
packets of Neosporin, maybe an antihistimine tablet or 2, some ibuprofen
(don't leave home without it!), and maybe an ACE bandage.   

I carried about 55# my first big trip, and now I have it down to about 45#
with food & water.  Now I'm looking for 5# of stuff to leave behind.  I will
be very interested to hear your experiences and opinions when you return from
your trip.  Good luck.

Marty (Gypsy)