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Re: [AT-L] Bikers on hiking trails

I agree. Bikers don't belong on hiking trails. I am first a hiker, secondly a
biker and can't stand to see the damage mountain bikes can do to hiking
trails and everything within 1 and 1/2 feet on either side of the trail. A
good example of a trail that biking is NOT allowed, but nevertheless takes
place,  is the Chattooga River Trail in north Georgia. The last two times I
have been there, I have come across bikers (usually flipping over out of
control on a sharp turn or over a thick root) on the trail. They were both
friendly, cordial guys but the trail damage was obvious. 

I'd rather ride my back in a suburban area and terrorize people there (just
kidding of course..) than a rip a trail all to hell. Yeah, I know "it's only
dirt", but look at the trail after it rains next time and congratulate
yourself on the creative drainage patterns you have created that are quickly
deteriorating the trails.

Bikes are a  helluva of  an adrenaline-pumping time, but let's keep our bikes
off of the trails meant for hiking only. Where's the love, man?????