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Re: [AT-L] Help me pack for my first longish solo trip

Hi all...Welcoming letters suggested I introduce myself, but I don't know what to say.
Started car camping (gypsy style) with my folks....now I backpack.  I live in the 
woods ..in fact I can hear a wild turkey right now.  Lately I've been soloing alot...
mostly 2-3 day trips. 
Short term goal......to decide whether to continue going tentless.
mid term goal.....the PA mid-state trail-thru
Long term goal....I'm afraid that's not my style

I'm not at all comfortable doing this......(I've never gone out for more than five days 
at a time.  I'm self employed so time is a problem.) So with that disclaimer I offer
advice?  Well.....you asked so here goes 

Jim Mayer wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm going on my first longish solo trip at the end of this month. 
> Silliest item:> 
>         I'm trying out contact lenses (daily wear) for the first time
>         since 1977.  As a result, I'll be bringing three pairs of glasses
>         with me (prescription, prescription sunglasses, sunglasses) as well
>         as the juice for the contacts.

I'm not sure I'd do this...your first longish solo is no time to try out new stuff

>    26      y       1       10   Tevas + fleece socksForget the Teva's...in summer I use aqua mocs.....'rubber'soles/nylon uppers 
(great for crossing streams and camp shoes {dual purpose}wt. depends on size but I'd 
guess<3/4 lb. Or fuzzy feet....kind of a bedroom slipper....soft vynl soles/quilted poly 
uppers/lined with fleece (study enough for camp shoes/toasty with socks/great
in the sleeping bag if you get cold toes...plus you don't have to wake up enough to
find your shoes to answer nature...have to wipe them if it's wet out though....
you'll probably be awake by then anyway. [Warning very slippery soles...I put some of 
those anti-slip bathtub stick-ons on my soles] Weight 2-3 oz. 
You could take both of these for 1/2 the weight of the Tevas.

>   0.5      y               1    surveyors tapeCan you tell me what this is? Just curious.

OK..that's it except you might find some ideas here 

You picked a great time to hike in Pa.			Kahley