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Re: [AT-L] Gear Weenie Paramus updates

In a message dated 96-09-18 18:42:29 EDT, jm1360@cnsvax.albany.edu (Jeff
Mosenkis) writes:

<< (BTW, does anybody know about gear stores in Chicago, or climbing gyms 
 also, thanks) >>

That's *almost" my territory.  I live 45 miles west of Chicago in Batavia.
 We have a rock climbing gym here in town.  It isn't super big, but it is
probably adequate.  I am not into climbing so I am just guessing.  There is
an REI in Niles IL and one in Oakbrook Terrace IL (the later being closer to
me and the newer one--previously went to the one in Niles).  There is a gear
store in St Charles and one in Naperville.  I am sure there is a couple in
Woodfield Mall up by Schaumburg.  But I am not familiar with downtown
Chicago.  Sorry.  Where are you headed??

IL Fltlndr@aol.com