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Re: mountain biking & the trails (& horses)


You know, I never thought about the smell.  I know what I'm like after a
few days, I wonder what a mule (or, lama) would be like in a month!!

I never seriously thought about a mule.  I just think about how much
easier it would be & how nice to stay out for weeks on end.  The first
time I seriously thought about thru-hiking was on a trip with my
brother.  I few of us were sitting around a campfire, dreaming, after a
long day in the smokies.  The idea of an "easy" hike sounded tempting. 

I agree.  Banning horses from trails like the AT is good.  It'd be sad
to see them banned from the smokies.  They definately dammage the trails
there.  But, they have always been part of it's history.  I read a
shelter log once which was complaining about a horse inside from the
rain.  That one might tend to change the atmosphere for the nite! 
Bottom line : I'd vote for a ban.   We need to grow with the times.  I'm
just being nostalgic.  

This seems to fit here : "To look backward for a while is to refresh the
eye, to restore it, and to render it the more fit for its prime function
of looking forward."  Margaret Fairless Barber (1869-1901), English
author. The Roadmender, vol. 3, ch. 3 (1900).

A bigger problem on my last few hikes has been wild hogs.  The damage
those critters do to a trail is unbelievable!

Happy Trails, 


Jim Owen wrote:
> Tom -
> How about if I answer that question indirectly?
> Walk softly and hold your breath around those water holes,
> Jim


Tom Fort