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[AT-L] RE: mountain biking & the trails (& horses)

>Horse people, like boaters and motor-home drivers, are "conspicuous
>consumers."  Local folks look at them and think "Tourists bringing in money
>is good."  The same people look at backpackers and think "Damn hippies!"
>Horse people do maintain trails after a fashion (chainsaw fallen trees),
>and they make sure that the right people in government agencies know about
>Frank     reid@indiana.edu

The hiking community has its share of gearheads.

It is my understanding that there is a very good cooperative agreement
with the horse people in the Smokies for AT trail maintenance.

Locally we have horse usage on Canada Hill (AT) but there are a lot
of other trails in the area, all dating from carriage roads built
a long time ago. There are a few nice wooden gazibos along the trails
that have been falling into disrepair. The horse people have arranged
to restore some of them.

Like all user groups - there are good guys and bad guys but most of
the bad guys can be educated.