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Re: [AT-L] Re: [AT-L] Re: [AT-L] Work Trip this Weekend in SNP

Andy Hiltz wrote:

> He was well aware of the SNP rules on
> safety equipment, so it's a mystery to me why he decided not to use them,
> especially considering the picture was going to be so visible in the
> Washington Post.


I'm no expert, but I'll put in my 2 cents.  The SNP (and others) rules 
are for one reason - liability (CYA).  I agree that boots, long pants, 
gloves, are essential.  

The kevlar chaps are hot, uncomfortable, and not needed if the operator 
uses some thought and common sense in planning his cuts.  They are not a 
cure-all for safety.  (And for us tall folks, they look really silly when 
the bottoms stop about halfway down your shins).  And yes, I have seen 
one injury that chaps would have prevented, but so would proper and safe 
saw operation.

Eye and ear protection is an absolute must.  I used to not use ear 
protection, but when I started to wear plugs, I became more aware of the 
difference when near a saw w/o my plugs in.

Hard hats are kinda touchy.  I'd rather not have to wear one.  To me, 
they are uncomfortable, and I don't need that added distraction when 
working.  With most work done clearing blowdowns, no one should be under 
where you are cutting, and the operator should not be in a position to be 
struck by debris from above.  Felling is another matter...

DP... (still with ten fingers and twelve toes)