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Re: [AT-L] Re: [AT-L] Work Trip this Weekend in SNP

>> Not only were
>> there SAFETY lapses, but the Washington Post put a picture of one of our club
>> members on page one of the Metro Section showing how NOT to saw up a tree
>> with a chainsaw:
>Saw picture.  Worried about it, how it happened, and the message it sent.
CT and Geo 
>Walters sure were not letting any of us on the northern end work w/o
required safety 
>equipment. Rightly so.
>Glad you got the message out on how to.

Actually, that message was developed by Phil Fosterman, but I've passed it
on to him.  Ed worked as my Trails Management Coordinator when I was PATC
Supervisor of Trails, then he moved up as Director of Administration, and is
now currently the Club Secretary.  He was well aware of the SNP rules on
safety equipment, so it's a mystery to me why he decided not to use them,
especially considering the picture was going to be so visible in the
Washington Post.

>PS -- BTW we cleared 40+ downed trees in the two miles north of Jenkins Gap.

I took out 8 myself last Saturday.  It's tough work!

PATC Webmaster