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Help a Through-Hiker with his Trail Section??

Nick Williams, and AT and PCT through-hiker, is interested in finding five
individuals to help him clear his trail section around Hawksbill Mountain in
Shenandoah National Park.  Nick also maintains the Bearfence Shelter in SNP
as well, which also requires storm cleanup work.  This can be a one day
trip, or an overnight.  Nick intends to be out both days, staying overnight
in the Bearfence Shelter.

For those of you who intend to hike the AT or PCT in the future, this might
be a great opportunity to query Nick on his adventures to help you in your
planning, while helping out on a worthy cause.  The first five people are in
the group!!  You can contact Nick at the following email address:


I will be out on Sunday with my chainsaw to join Nick in clearing the larger
trees down on the trail.  Hope to see you there.  Nick will provide you with
all the particulars when you email him.

PATC Webmaster