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Work Trip this Weekend in SNP

 Work Trip in SNP This Weekend

    Base: PATC Trails Forum
    Date: Wed, 18 Sep 1996 02:01:56 GMT 
    From: Andy Hiltz <ahiltz@bbn.com> 

 Hello out there in the etherworld. Well Hurricane Fran did us a number, so
this coming
 weekend were having a little party in the Southern District of Shenandoah
 Park. On 21/22 September, this Saturday and Sunday, we will be removing
 If you are interested in joining us for this little adventure please call
me, Phil Fosterman,
 at 703-323-6869. Please do not try and e-mail me, my computer failed so I
can't get to
 my email.

 A couple of thing you will be required to bring if you plan to join us, if
you do not have
 these, SNP Rangers will not let you in to work with us, this is because of
a very bad
 SAFETY lapses committed by some of our club members last weekend. Not only were
 there SAFETY lapses, but the Washington Post put a picture of one of our club
 members on page one of the Metro Section showing how NOT to saw up a tree
with a

  1.Boots, not tennis shoes 
  2.Leather gloves 
  3.Long pants, no shorts 
  4.If you bring your own chainsaw you MUST have the kevlar chaps, hardhat,
ear and
     eye protection 
  5.For anyone working with the chainsaw crews you must use a hardhat, and ear &
     eye protection 
  6.Have tools at home?? Bring any limbing saws, axes, loppers (branch
cutters) or tree
     wedges you might have laying around the garage. You'll be putting them
to good

 If you don't have some or any of the stated SAFETY equipment please call
and we will
 see if we can have extra equipment at the gate.

 OK now with all that said and done lets cover the logistics of this party.
We will all
 meet at the Swift Run Gap entrance of SNP by 08:30 Saturday and Sunday morning.
 From there we will cover all SAFETY issues and split up the people into
various crews,
 depending on how many people show up. There will be both chainsaw and crosscut
 saw crews. We will be staying at the Doyle River Cabin and the overflow
will stay in
 tents (so please bring one if you plan to stay the night) at Dundo Group
 You need to bring all your own food and water on this trip. 

 So I hope you'all can make it. Once again if you plan to attend, please
call me so I
 know how many people to expect. Please let me know by Thursday Night if you
will be

 Thanks alot,

 Phil Fosterman
 District Manager Central District
 Shenandoah National Park & The Blue & White team