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re: mtn biking & trails

Walt wrote:

>>Just a reminder, that no matter which side of this issue you are on
mountain bikes are NOT allowed anywhere on the AT (well almost) by
Federal regulation.  The only mountain bike exception I know of is the
C&O Canal path.<<

i believe the part that coincides with the virginia creeper trail in
damascus also allows bikes (& horses?).

boy, this subject can really get the emotions flying.  there are still
frayed nerves and hostile attitudes bewteen hikers and bikers at mt.
tamalpais here in CA, where the mountain bike was "invented."  they've been
going at each other for decades now, with pedestrians scattering the trail
with tacks and stringing up fishing line, and peddlers running over people
and their dogs and kids.  while that sort of extreme behaviour has subsided,
the issues are still there and there's a lot of resentment hanging around.

i have a mountain bike, but find that i rarely use it.  if i want to be in
the woods, i usually want to be going slower, and if i want to be going
fast, i get on a road bike on the pavement.  i love hiking and biking, but
combining the two, which at first glance would seem a natural, has not
worked for me.

the CDT apparently has large sections that will be/are now open to mtn
bikes.  it will be interesting to see how that plays out.

waiting to see if this thread sputters or ignites...

ke kaahawe


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