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more about knees....

My knees don't pop, but they do get sore awfully quickly when I'm hiking,
even on very gentle hikes of not more than a couple of hours.  They bother me
on both uphill and downhill slopes, but a little more on the downhill ones.  
Last year I took a particularly strenuous day hike, ridge-walking, in N.H.,
and I was limping for a couple of days.  This kind of worries me because I'm 
only 19, and if things like this are happening now, then what am I going to 
expect in 10 years and beyond, when I might actually get around to doing the
dream thru-hike???
	I was thinking that the cause might be simply a lack of strength in
my knees, but that's just a guess.  Has anyone out there had similar problems,
or knows any knee-strengthening exercises, or maybe can suggest what kind of
a specialist to see for this kind of thing?  Thanks!

Beth Daniel
GA->ME 20??