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Re: [AT-L] Fleece...

Cindi -

I lost your message for a while - just found it again.

>>Somehow I get the idea that you're thinking of hiking in Polartec?

I apologize - I jumped to a conclusion  - and missed.

>Whoah, no guy! :)  Little ole amateur me *has* learned *some* stuff offa you
>guys... ;-)  I'm keen on trying out the MB drion stuff, so I'll hike for the
>most part (in warm weather, anyhow..) in a drion t-shirt & shorts, but in
>the winter I'll likely try out their longjohns as well and wear either a
>t-shirt or longsleeve and shorts or (if really cold) windpants.  Also will
>have gloves, etc.. with me.  The gloves may be a good idea to go along with
>the walking sticks/poles anyhow, but I don't mind blisters too much.
> a Goretex parka, 2 pairs of shorts,
>When you say Goretex parka you just mean a "regular" 3-ply Goretex jacket
>and not one with extra insulation, right?

Exactly - I used an REI parka although I can't remember what
it was called.  It worked very well in the South - through the rain,
sleet, hail and snow.   Someplace in VA I traded it for a much lighter
coated nylon jacket - that was all I needed for the rest of the trip.
An insulated parka wouldn't work very well - the insulation would
get soaked (with sweat) and it would weigh a lot more than I'd be
willing to carry.   To say nothing of the smell after a couple weeks.

>What sort of wool shirt -- a wool "workshirt" style or a thinner type?

A light one - I still have it - used it last weekend for trail work in SNP.
It was something that was nice to have while it was cold, but I sent it
home from Bastian, VA.  I have some of the heavy weight wool
"work" shirts, but they're too heavy to carry for a thruhike.  One thing
I carried all the way was a Polartec 200 pullover - don't let any one
tell you it doesn't get cold in June in the Shenandoah.

>Yeah, it is kind of funny for me to live in Canada and hate being cold!  Oh
>well, the availability of an abundance of snow for x-country skiing more
>than makes up for it in the winter!  Thanks a lot for the info, Jim, as well
>as everyone else that wrote me with advice concerning fleece!  :)  If it
>weren't for this list I'm not entirely sure I would've been able to figure
>out how to plan for my thru-hike next year.  Thanks guys! :)))))

Personal opinion - I think you'd have figured it out.  One of the things I
really enjoy about this list is the high level of intelligence and knowledge.
And you're smart, too.

Walk softly,