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mountain biking & the trails

It was written:

>Myself, I don't notice polehole damage in most places, but what I do
>notice are the marks and presence of what I consider to be the far
>greater threats to hiking enjoyment, horses and mountain bikes
>(human-powered). Those are the REAL problems. 

Before I get flamed, let me just say I agree 100% -- it pains me to see a
trail torn up by a mountain biker.  However, having recently purchased a
mountain bike I have become fairly addicted to trail riding.  

Where is the common ground?  Can the trails be shared by both bikers &
hikers (or horses for that matter)?  Who says hikers  have exclusive rights
to the trails?  I just don't know how I feel about this, because I am truly
on both sides of this issue.  

Just looking to stir up some controversy (as usual) about something other
than electronics on the trail...<g>

Poohbear :)
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