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Re: [AT-L] Thanks!!

> If you hike the trail, but haven't had an opportunity to contribute, now is
> a golden time to pay back the mountains for everything they've given to you.
> If you want to help PATC in the "Great Fran Cleanup", please send me a
> return email and request to be added to our list of helpers.

Hi Andy.  I live in SW Va and would probably be able to help out in the Southern
end of the ANP.  Could you add me to the list of possible volunteers.  I read
the previous mail about this weekend (21-22) and am planning on calling about
that.  thanks

S. Schuyler Stultz              Recognition Research Inc.
schuyler@rrinc.com              1872 Pratt Drive Suite 1200
(540) 231-6500                  Blacksburg, VA 24060