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RE: Mace, etc

In message Tue, 17 Sep 1996 10:48:59 -0500 (CDT),
  vitiello@user1.channel1.com (Marcus B. Vitiello)  writes:

> felix,
> my brother works in the training area for a sherrif's dept in maine. he
> swears by the 10% pepper spray. very effective stuff, and readily
> available.

Pepper spray seems to be the weapon of choice, and 10% is the professional
grade.  A great place to get cop/firefighter/emt stuff is Gall's in
Lexington, KY.  They will send you a catalog if you call 800 477-7766.
They have a wide variety of "mace" products, including stuff to neutralize
it.  A disclaimer in the catalog says "Possession and/or use of MACE is
regulated in Massachusetts and New York. We will only accept Law
Enforcement Orders...in these states."  It doesn't say anything about how
the stuff can be shipped.

--  Frank     reid@indiana.edu