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Re: [AT-L] Thanks!!

I'm gonna echo Andy's words - if you live in Maryland, Virginia, West
Virginia or Pennsylvania and you weren't out clearing trail last weekend
then shame on you.   We were out there last weekend, and we'll be out
again - and again - and again - because we believe in giving something
back to a system that's given so much to us.  The trails aren't free,
gang - some of us pay to keep them open.  And the price is a lot of sweat,
sore muscles and, sometimes, a little blood or a few tears.  If some of
it's not yours, then you've missed one of the best and most important
parts of the hiking world.

Y'all come join us - it's gonna take a few more weekends to reopen
the AT in the SNP- and it'll take a lot longer than that to reopen all
the other trails - both in and out of the SNP.  I know the Pennsylvania
trails were hard hit - and while I don't have any direct information, I'm
sure the trails in Maryland and West Virginia also need a lot of help.
Find a trail club that's doing trail work and join them - they need the
help and if you want to keep the trails free and open, you need to help

I don't walk softly when I'm carrying a chainsaw,

>I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank raven@gwis2.circ.gwu.edu and
>her friend for coming out on short notice to help me clear my trail section
>in Shenandoah National Park.  One my messages was spotted in the mailing
>list.  The help was greatly appreciated!!
>Hey folks, if you hike the trails, there's responsibility that comes with
>USE.  Most of the trails you folks hike are maintained by volunteers like
>me, supported by people like raven.  In fact, ALL the AT is maintained by
>volunteers.  It's only due to the efforts of volunteers that TRAIL USAGE
>FEES have been held off for so long.
>If you hike the trail, but haven't had an opportunity to contribute, now is
>a golden time to pay back the mountains for everything they've given to you.
>If you want to help PATC in the "Great Fran Cleanup", please send me a
>return email and request to be added to our list of helpers.
>PATC Webmaster