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Re: [AT-L] Hiking chat room?

  I use irc.bridge.net  with port set to 6667. However many irc servers
are linked together. You do not have to be on the same server to Join
together on #AT. I had a nice chat with a fellow in Atlanta yesterday on
#AT. He plans to do a N>S hike in 97.
I told him about this listserv "AT-L" and he should join us here soon. 
	Meanwhile I am making progress on the plans for my S > N hike in
Lottsa P.O. stuff to plan. I have a 1994 Compainion book but would like
to get a new one to double check some of the info. When are the new ones
published ? 
	Also "WingFoot" When will your latest be available....I saw you
mention somthing about a December dead line. We met once on Roan Mnt.
Spring of 1982, keep up the good work.

Georgia>97>Main   Chase