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Re: [AT-L] Re: [AT-L] Sweetwater Guardian vs. Pur Hiker

There seems to be a wide variety of experiences with the Pur Explorer. My
first one lasted 4 years before I changed the filter cartridge and my new
one now has about 25 days of use on it with no problems.

At 03:55 AM 9/9/96 +0000, you wrote:
>Just back from 90 miles on the AT in Maine with a PUR Explorer.  I
>should have tested it better before starting.  After the first few
>days I was getting about 25% thoughput, the rest coming out the
>handle, a sign that the filter is plugged.  Backflushing did not help,
>so that means time to replace the filter - way less than the
>advertized 200 gallons.  Two thru-hikers we passed were travelling
>with dead PUR Scouts, same problem as my Explorer.  The thru-hikers
>with the PUR Hiker were not having any problems.
>Until you hear that Scouts and Explorers have been fixed, I recommend
>buying something else. On the plus side - my Explorer did not fail
>completely, I was getting usable output - just too much work.