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Re: [AT-L] Re: Hiking pole holes

On Mon, 16 Sep 1996, Michael wrote:

> As for poles, they can certainly help if you are an infrequent hiker
> and/or you're carrying a heavy pack- particularly on rocks, stream
> crossings, and steep climbs. But, in the spirit of the "less is better"
> philosophy, I've always tried to make it without hiking sticks or poles
> of any kind. I believe it strengthens you and improves your balance and
> concentration to the point of not needing them in most situations. 
> I know the inveterate stick/pole users will disagree, but I would
> encourage you to try hiking sans poles for a while first. 

Never had a pole before my Ga->Pa hike this summer.  Bought 1 Leki 
Lightwalk for the trip.  Hardly took a step without it.  Well, maybe a 
few on flat pavement.  When the handle fell off on day 44, I held it on 
with duct tape until I could epoxy it on day 47.

So yes, I had done hiking sans pole first.  But I can't imagine my trip 
without one.

That said, this is definitely an area where "whatever you're used to" is 
probably the best for you.

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