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Re: [AT-L] Gaiters (?)

Hello Felix -

You asked:

>I know that it probably doesn't matter, but can someone tell me which leg
>which gaiter goes on?...

I have only tried three kinds of gaiters (OR Croc's, OR shorties, and a
European style that zipped up and had elastic on top and bottom).  Usually
there is one way to wear them that minimizes the chance for parts of the
gaiters to catch on the other boot/gaiter.

When I first started using the Croc's (my current favorite), I was a little
concerned that I would beat up the under-boot strap buckle if I wore it on
the outside of each boot.  I tried wearing the Croc's so that the buckles
were facing each other (inside), but I quickly found out that I tended to
rub my feet together in some trail circumstances and the buckles would
catch on each other or on other parts of the opposite boot/gaiter.

I started wearing the Croc's so that the buckles were both facing out (on
the right side of the right boot and on the left side of the left boot) and
had no more problems with anything catching.  Never have had any problem
with the buckle getting damaged from hitting rocks, etc.

BTW, the little strap that goes under the boot wore thru after hiking from
Duncannon (PA) to Damascus (VA).  I had the old fellow who cobbles in
Damascus add some leather to each strap, but his eyes didn't do so hot and
he just about sewed everything nearby together (including his fingers).  I
later replaced the straps myself with conveyor belt material and finally
(on the PCT) just cut them off.  I put gromets on both sides where the
straps used to attach and I now just use parachute cord (I replace it when
it starts to wear thru).  If I ever get around to it, I plan to experiment
with stainless steel wire (three strand braid?) in place of the parachute
cord.  I am also working on a way to attach the Croc's to the ankle bones
of my Salomon Adventure 9 boots...that way there won't be any under-boot
strap to wear thru <g>.

Don't hesitate to experiment a little when you are learning how to use your
gaiters to best advantage.  I have seen gaiters worn just about every which
way from Sunday (including upside down with the shorties <g>) and the
different ways seem to somehow scratch each hiker's particular itch.

Good luck!

y'all come,
            Charlie II

charlie2@ro.com    Huntsville,Al