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Re: [AT-L] filters

>On September 11, 1996 owen@dc.ametsoc.org wrote:
>>Even the outrageously expensive Katadyne is
>>heavy and hard to field clean.
>Ok, I'll buy that the Katadyn is heavy and expensive, but
>what do you mean by "hard to field clean"?  As I mentioned
>in a previous post, I believe the Katadyn is very easy to
>keep clean in the field.  Using the supplied scraper, you
>simply brush it along the cylinder, and expose the new
>material.  It seems to be pretty straightforward.
>BTW, I'll be off the list for two weeks, as I'll be hiking on
>the AT from New Jersey to Connecticut (hopefully), so I appologize
>that I won't be able to follow this thread for awhile.
>                           Marshall
>                           "Tarkus"

Marshall -
I had a Katadyn back in 91/92 - I took it back and traded
it for a First Need and some extra cartridges - and that's
what I started the AT with.   The Katadyn was heavy,
expensive, hard to pump and awkward to use.  Because
it was so awkward (and because I wasn't experienced
with it) I got it into some silt - and it clogged.   Scratch
one filter - the brush wouldn't even touch it.  Yeah - a
Katadyn will clog just as fast as any other filter.  On top
of that the unit was a SOB to break down - that problem
was probably unique to that particular unit, but on top
of the other problems it was the final straw.

Now - having said that - if I were going back to Haiti, or
Central America or Southeast Asia, I'd want to take a
Katadyn.   But we're not talking about those places here -
supposedly we're talking about the AT.  And the Katadyn
is overkill for the AT.   Not that I have any objections
to anyone else carrying one - it's YOUR pack weight and
you're the only one who has to be happy with what
you're carrying.

Walk lightly,