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Re: [AT-L] AT Repair

Kathy spake thus:

>Also - there was a story in yesterday's Post (there's a link to it
>from near the top of the AT page) about the devastation Fran
>caused in SNP.

I went down to the AT in SNP on Saturday to help Andy from the PATC. He
sawed up logs and trees that had fallen on the trail, and my friend and I
cleared them away. We also dug trenches for water diversion tables along
the trail. It's hard work - but there is more work that needs to be done.
I'm planning on going again this weekend. If anyone lives in the DC/MD/VA
area, I highly recommend going down and helping out.

In a flyer handed out by the park, it said that over 2,000 trees fell on
Skyline Drive alone. Now try to imagine the over 500 miles of trails that
exist within the park! It was good to see the trail being used - we met 2
south-bound thru hiker women with an Australian guy of theirs who started
in Harrisburg, PA. I didn't get their names, but they wanted to get to
Springer by Thanksgiving. They were followed by the "mad professor." They
said that he hikes for 2 days then takes 1 day off. He's expecting to get
to Georgia by December. :)

On a side note, search and rescue teams are still looking for the missing
"hiker" in SNP. I don't think he's going to be found for a while - he
hadn't been hiking before, he didn't bring any equipment, and he was

Happy trails!

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