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Re: [AT-L] Parole-Oct 22

On Mon, 16 Sep 1996, Robert J. Davis wrote:

> Is the parolee going to be released, or will he go to a halfway house 
> situation? Why is it a mandatory release after 14 years of a 30 year 
> sentence?

Yesterday I forwarded a copy of the story (the one from the 1994 Roanoke
Times) to a reporter at the Wash. Post.  Maybe the Post can track some of
this info down.  

Regarding the latter question, no doubt that's the way things are in VA -
and doubtless other states.  (Prisons use "time off for good behavior"  to
try to keep the inmates under control - figuring they're less likely to
misbehave if they know it will cause them to stay locked up longer.)  
But it certainly is shocking to think that someone can get by with serving
14 years for such a crime.

Also - there was a story in yesterday's Post (there's a link to it
from near the top of the AT page) about the devastation Fran
caused in SNP.  The story also said that the ceremony to mark what would
have been Julie's 25th birthday scheduled for last Wednesday in SNP had
been rescheduled to the following week. (So that appears to be Sept. 18.)

--Kathy Bilton

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