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Re: [AT-L] Hiking chat room?

What is the address of the server?

>>Alice asked
>>Please explain what IRC is.  I am  not familiar with it.
>IRC is Internet Relay Chat ! AOL users are severly limited so I can`t
>say. But If you have a full ISP ( Internet Service Provider) You can run
>an IRC program (MIRC for Windows is my favorite). These programs are
>available for free.
>     IRC Lets a group, say us hikers get together and have a conference
>or individual chat. There are maybe 2000 topics or individual groups.
>When you join a group lets say #AT,  every one else that has joined will
>see every line you type.  Also you will see every line typed by the
>others in the group.  Bingo live real time discussion of the Appalacian
>Trail. You can easily change to a private talk with only one individual.
>	I hope to see ya on #AT