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Re: [AT-L] Re: Hiking pole holes

ILFltlndr@aol.com writes:
> Okay.....I gotta say it. Quite often when I am hiking and staring down at the
> trail so I don't trip and break a leg, I see the holes from the hiking poles,
> etc. I find that they take away from my "experience" because I feel like
> someone just walked by there a few minutes ago.....bye, bye wilderness.  Ha!

One one hand, the impact of hiking on trails (even the very existence
of maintained trails) suggests that the environment will "suffer."  I
suppose one has to weigh the relative importance of the various types
of impact.  I suppose also that it's not true wilderness to even be on a
"trail."  If the holes bother you, what about footprints? If I'm on a
trail, footprints and holes usually are among the farthest thing from
my mind.  I'm enjoying the scenery too much, which is why I'm out
there in the first place.


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