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: [AT-L] Hiking chat room?

>Alice asked
>Please explain what IRC is.  I am  not familiar with it.

IRC is Internet Relay Chat ! AOL users are severly limited so I can`t
say. But If you have a full ISP ( Internet Service Provider) You can run
an IRC program (MIRC for Windows is my favorite). These programs are
available for free.

     IRC Lets a group, say us hikers get together and have a conference
or individual chat. There are maybe 2000 topics or individual groups.
When you join a group lets say #AT,  every one else that has joined will
see every line you type.  Also you will see every line typed by the
others in the group.  Bingo live real time discussion of the Appalacian
Trail. You can easily change to a private talk with only one individual. 

	I hope to see ya on #AT

Georgia>97>Main   Chase


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