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Re: [AT-L] Fleece...

Hey Jim!

>Somehow I get the idea that you're thinking of hiking in Polartec?

Whoah, no guy! :)  Little ole amateur me *has* learned *some* stuff offa you
guys... ;-)  I'm keen on trying out the MB drion stuff, so I'll hike for the
most part (in warm weather, anyhow..) in a drion t-shirt & shorts, but in
the winter I'll likely try out their longjohns as well and wear either a
t-shirt or longsleeve and shorts or (if really cold) windpants.  Also will
have gloves, etc.. with me.  The gloves may be a good idea to go along with
the walking sticks/poles anyhow, but I don't mind blisters too much.

 a Goretex parka, 2 pairs of shorts,

When you say Goretex parka you just mean a "regular" 3-ply Goretex jacket
and not one with extra insulation, right?  I'm working on getting the MB
Tempest jacket from REI that's on sale for 150 (Pooombah gave me the
tip)....I'm really surprised they have any left!

>the addition of the wool shirt, 

What sort of wool shirt -- a wool "workshirt" style or a thinner type?

 If you don't
>have dry clothes to change into you're not gonna enjoy camping.
  I know you hate being cold so I'll tell you that I was cold only twice -
>once in Tennessee and once in Maine.  And the solution in both
>cases was to stop at the first opportunity, set up the tent and
>get in the sleeping bag until I warmed up.

Yeah, it is kind of funny for me to live in Canada and hate being cold!  Oh
well, the availability of an abundance of snow for x-country skiing more
than makes up for it in the winter!  Thanks a lot for the info, Jim, as well
as everyone else that wrote me with advice concerning fleece!  :)  If it
weren't for this list I'm not entirely sure I would've been able to figure
out how to plan for my thru-hike next year.  Thanks guys! :)))))