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Re: [AT-L] Walking Sticks vs Ski Poles

In a message dated 96-09-10 13:01:35 EDT, MHOLMES@NETVA.COM (MARK HOLMES)

<< And the are also great cow repellants.  In '95, my wife and I camped
 the trail just across Elk Garden before the ascent of Mt. Rogers - in the
 morning as it started to rain, we were totally surrounded by 10 quite large
 Angus cows, who we feared were going to crush us in our tent! Nothing would
 make them move until I clacked my Leki poles together - they immediately
 turned and headed down the trail.  Maybe I should sell these to farmers?

I can tell *you* aren't a farmer.  Farmers don't want to repell their cows!

IL Fltlndr