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Re: Sleeping pads & fleece

<<We had decided to carry the Therm-a-rest Ultra-lite II , but after 
using them this summer I have to say we are very disappointed in them.>>

I used a Ridgerest once & gave it away.  I now use a Thermarest full length,
and carry it in a stuff sack at the top of my external frame pack.  Never had
a bit of trouble with it, and I feel great after a night's sleep on it.  I
don't know if it weighs more than the Ridgerest, but it sure is easier to
carry and less bulky.

On the subject of fleece, Cindi wrote:
<<Has anyone here tried out Polartec 100, 200 and 300?  I was wondering which
type would be best to have in April on the chillier, southern part of the
AT.  Would I need the same type (ie: 100) for both top and bottom,>>

I carry Polartec 200 fleece pullover & pants from LLBean.  I carry the
pullover year round as I tend to get chilled at higher elevations when I stop
for more than 5 minutes, even in summer.  It's my best & favorite item!   It
also resists the rain, and even when it gets wet still keeps me warm.  I'
used both top & pants in the Smokies last April, and am taking both to the
Smokies in October; there is no more luxurious & warm feeling than getting
into camp & putting on my fleece.  (I have a fleece jacket purchased
elsewhere and while it is warm, it has nowhere near the silky warmth of my
LLBean fleece!)
I use one of them for a pillow (I could do without a pillow but hate 
to get oil from my face onto my sleeping bag.)