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Trail meals

thanks' to AJ's persistent planning and overtime work with the dehydrator, we
enjoyed a fairly healthy variety of dinners the whole way.

Backpacker's Panty meals:

1) Stroganoff with Turkey
2) Stroganoff with beef  (yes, they do taste different)
3) Pasta Vegetable Primavera
4) Mashed potatoes and gravy, which we frequently combined with ....

other meals purchased in bulk:

5) stovetop stuffing
6) pasta with dehydrated sauce, store bought sauce or just parmesan cheese
7) Uncle Ben's soups: 

	-broccoli and cheese with rice
	-black bean

8) Rice er Roni "Rice and Vermicelli"  either chicken, beef or fried rice (?)

9) Frequently supplemented with dehydrated canned vegetables, boil bags of rice
and extra pasta (the B's P, especially)

10) Appetizers:  Ramen noodles!  It is sometimes hard to pass up these little
treats, when they go for 12/$1

11) Amazingly or not, we did not once dine on Mac and cheese

12) occasional Liptons from hiker grab boxes.

Sir Goober Peas and Aunt Jemima    GA - ME, 1996