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Re: [AT-L] Boots w/ narrow heel

> Does anyone know of a good hiking boot that would have a narrow heel?  When
> I hiked th trail in '95, I used a pair of Fabiano Rio's for the first 1000
> miles - they felt pretty good, but still a bit wide in the heel - plenty of
> room in the forefoot.  Then I hiked in a pair of Merrell McKinley's, which
> still had too much room in the heel.  I wear orthotics and when you put the
> orthotic in the boot, there is about a 1/2" of space on the side of it in
> the heel area.  I think my left heel tends to slip off the orthotic a bit
> and I end up getting a badly bruised heel.  Any suggestions?? (I put heel
> cups, pads, etc. in the boots - helped some, but didn't fix the problem.)
> Thanks!
> Mark,
I'm wearing One-Sport Moraines. They seem to have a narrow heel. Rugged 
boot, as well.