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Re: [AT-L] Fleece...

At 02:34 PM 9/12/96 -0500, Cindi wrote:
>Has anyone here tried out Polartec 100, 200 and 300?  I was wondering which
>type would be best to have in April on the chillier, southern part of the
>AT.  Would I need the same type (ie: 100) for both top and bottom, or would
>I need more or less insulation for my legs?  I've heard that people
>generally tend to need less on the bottom, but I just wanted to check.  Thanks!
 Probably you will be able to get by as I did with whatever corresponds to
Patagucci Expedition weight Capilene on the top. I had heavy Lycra (pink no
less) tights on legs and they were fine. Roadkill was content with
lightweight REI Blue long polyPro johns. Moleskin Meg used sort of heavy
nylon hose on her legs We had some pretty nippy weather although not
horrible. I seriously doubt that you will want to carry fleece for legs or
very heavy fleece for above. Its mostly for when you are stopped since you
will be in a Tshirt or polypro shirt and shorts or tights for walking. If
you are a cold blooded type consider a  light fleece vest or even better a
down vest that stuffs into a tiny sack. That would be nice for when you are
standing around the campfire in the Stekoahs breathing out frosty breath and
singing "Be Prepared, That's the Boy Scouts' Marching Song"  or reciting
whole scenes from the "Life of Brian". Dr Dolittle