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Re: [AT-L] RE: running shoes / gaiters

>many hikers love the 3" nylon OR ankle gaiters.  they have elastic tops and
>bottoms, and really don't require the cord running under the shoe - just
>attach to the top of the laces, and they sit perfectly well in place.
>ke kaahawe

I thought the 3" gaiters were fine for keeping out dirt, sticks, etc., but
water - forget it. Hiking just in shorts, the rain would run down my legs
and right under the top of the gaiter.  I would pour water out of my boots.
IMHO, waterproofing boots is a waste of time if you are using the 3"
gaiters, cause the water is gonna get in anyway!  I know some people wore
the knee high ones, but those looked hot to me - probably did a better job
of keeping out water(maybe).  I only wore rain pants on one day in the
smokies, otherwise just shorts and my boots were always soaked, despite
Nikwax treatments,etc.

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