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Re: [AT-L] shelters

At 11:27 AM 9/11/96 -0500, you wrote:
>Jim -
>I apologize - I was in a hurry yesterday and failed to
>point out that in the same situation I'd have used the
>shelter too.   I may not like them but if they're there,
>there are times when it's better to use them than not.
>Mama didn't raise me to be stupid - crazy maybe, but
>not stupid.

I mean to tell you those tree parts were falling to. I was tenting at the
pond about a mile and a half south of Chestnut Knob Shelter when it hit at
about 2 am. Luckily I was in the open field. I think it would have been
dangerous to tent the next night in the "green tunnel". Are those other
trails you mentioned threatened by high winds in heavy woods? My impression
is that the high country is more open.