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Re: [AT-L] Re: Lotsa Questions / Etc

michael henderson wrote:
> >    There seems to be a controversy surrounding the use of boots
> >versus jogging shoes. Any opinions?
> Before my hike I would have thought running shoes were crazy.  However,
> after a few months with a 35-50lb pack, my ankles strengthened considerably.
> (How do you like Jardine's explanation about feet and ankles being designed
> to do the job, and boots only weaken the natural support?!!!)  Now, with a
> combination of strong ankles, and much lighter pack weights (20-40lbs), I
> hike almost exclusively in low top Vasque Clarions, or One Sport Trail
> Runners, and I love not lugging around heavy boots on my feet.  Wear what

How do you keep the trail debris - stones, sticks, thorns, and ticks, 
and beetles out of your running shoes?

Travel lite - freeze at nite.

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