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Re: [AT-L] Re: [AT-L] Re:Walking Sticks vs Ski Poles

>>The only downside for me, was that the somewhat sticky handles wore on my
>>hands a little (not nearly enough to blister, but enough to make me think they
>>might if I used them enough days in a row) I'm not sure what material to wrap
>>around them yet, if any.
>The Super Makalus are designed with cork handles which seem to absorb
>sweat. Didn't experience anything close to a blister with them. Perhaps a
>Coolmax liner sock would suffice? :)

I did one hike with my x-c ski poles and got blisters in the crook of my 
hand between the forefinger and thumb. Gutsy,(on the Dec hike in the 
Smokies),was using Leki's. I followed her example and bought a pair for the 
April hike in the Smokies and loved them. Get the Super Makalu's with CorTec 
grips (cork). No blisters and the poles helped me get off the AT after I 
fell out of the bunk at Spence Field and really messed up my knee. They make 
great crutches in a pinch.

Peter H. Fornof