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GEAR GEAR GEAR e: [AT-L] pack fitting; Jeff Mosenkis?

On Mon, 9 Sep 1996, macbeth wrote:
> a pack.  I also seem to remember Jeff Mosenkis posting it. Anyway could
> someone please e-mail this info to me or repost it to the list if not too
> much trouble? By the way, info on both internal and external packs would
> help.

I'll try to do this later today or tomorrow again.

I thought I would mention that I took a hop over to Campmor today (I live 
5 min. away) and then had some tents that were "slightly soiled" pretty 
cheap.  I was in a hurry but I saw a walrus Swift or Arch Rival (I always 
get confused) for 75 bucks or so.  A bunch of other things too.  Some 
Kelty packs on closeout also (a slickrock, Arapaho (sp?) and one other, 
most about 50 bucks below normal price).  i think these are meant for 
in-store, but if you call and ask really nice, they might ship it to ya.

the gear-weenie gene strikes again,
Jeff Mosenkis,                                                   
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Psych, Anthro, Judaic Studies                  "IP Slave"    

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where you are and what you want."