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News: OFFICIAL NPS PRESS RELEASE - Missing Hiker/SNP Damage (fwd)

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Date: Tue, 10 Sep 1996 11:46:07 -0400
From: Andy Hiltz <AHiltz@bbn.com>

I just typed this up and posted it....


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>News Release
>National Park Service
>For Immediate Release
>Shenandoah National Park, VA
>Shenandoah National Park official report that a search is underway for
>an overdue hiker. Inquiries revealed that James S. Schneider (27 years
>of age) of Arlington, VA, was last seen on Friday, August 30.
>As the park was being closed during the evening of Thursday, September
>5, in anticipation of Hurricane Fran, rangers found a vehicle parked in
>the Whiteoak Canyon parking area, located in the central section of the
>park. Since the area is used for parking by long-distance Appalachian
>Trail and other hikers, a note was left on the windshield. this is
>normal operating procedure.
>As Hurricane Fran passed through the area, it left thousands of trees
>down throughout the park, including many on the Skyline Drive; power
>outages and utility system problems park-wide; and washouts of road
>shoulders at scattered locations along the Drive.
>After road-clearing crews removed trees from the Skyline Drive and
>reached the area on Saturday, the vehicle was checked and found to be
>associated with Schneider who had, by now, been reported as missing. A
>search in the area is underway. Park staff are being assisted in the
>search by the Blue and Gray Search Dogs, Dogs East, Appalachian Search
>and Rescue Conference, and Virginia Department of Emergency Services.
>The Skyline Drive, the Appalachian Trail, and all facilities in the
>Shenandoah National Park remain closed to the public; backcountry
>camping permits are not being issued . An assessment of damage is
>continuing. The Skyline Drive, the Appalachian Trail and each facility
>in Shenandoah National Park will re-open as soon as conditions warrant.
>Prepared 9/9/96
>Lyn Rothgeb - NPS