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Re:Walking Sticks vs Ski Poles

> >Walking Sticks.  Are we talking comfy pieces of trail debrit or 
> >aircraft aluminium railroad supports?  I have rusty knees and 
> >hadn't heard of anyone using these fancy things until a few years 
> >ago. 
> I don't have knee problems, but I have the Leki Super Makalus. I love 
> them. They have helped my stride and endurance incredibly, not to mention 
> my balance. 

I was dubious at first but one serious hike changed my mind.

Part was balance, part was the light weight (the poles did not become tiring 
and the fact that I could adjust them would mitigate some of the possible 
fatigue) and part was the shock absorbing mechanism which let me lay into them 
without feeling like I was going to stress my wrists.

They also allowed me to shift stress and weight to my upper body.

The only downside for me, was that the somewhat sticky handles wore on my 
hands a little (not nearly enough to blister, but enough to make me think they 
might if I used them enough days in a row) I'm not sure what material to wrap 
around them yet, if any.


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